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    Welcome to Federal Way Tattoo Removal

    We are the all encompassing tattoo removal and lightening center in the Seattle and Tacoma area. Your search for the best is over. We offer the most state of the art laser tattoo removal systems for all skin types and all kinds of tattoos. Physician owned and supervised, your tattoo removal procedure is in good hands. We start with a complimentary consultation and aim to please. Endorsed by local tattoo shops in the region, we offer stress free tattoo removal along with competitive pricing and the utmost professionalism. Working closely with your tattoo shop, we can give you the result you need whether it be a few shades lighter or a more complete result. 

    State of the Art  Tattoo Laser Technology

    The sucess of the tattoo removal procedure with laser technology is directly related to the calibration and speed of the laser. Older systems operate one thousand times slower providing a not so optimum result. Professional tattos have multiple colors that older lasers are not capable of treating completely. The tattoo laser at Federal Way Tattoo Removal has the capability of lifting multiple colors due to its multi wavelength capability. 

    Stress Free Tattoo Removal 

    Since we are physicians we have the ability after review of your medical history to prescribe oral anti-anxiety medication in combination with local or IV anesthesia for a comfortable procedure if you so desire. There is no need to "grin and bear it" at Federal Way Tattoo Removal since you are in the hands of experienced and caring staff. 

    Flexible Hours and Competitive Pricing

    Working closely with your tattoo shop, we offer flexible scheduling and competitive pricing. We at Federal Way Tattoo Removal want you to achieve the result you want for a fair price. evening and weekend hours are available. call or contact us today for a free consultation. 253-941-1144


    “Finally got my old tattoo off my back! My shop said it would look better lightened to put another one in that place. Just had it lightened at Federal Way Tattoo Removal and now my shop is happy and so am I ! Thanks Dr. Sabbagh!”   -Francine D.
       Puyallup, WA

    “I was so impressed with the staff at Federal Way Tattoo Removal. They work with my tattoo shop and my budget.”   -John M.
       Federal Way, WA

    “Got this big chest tattoo removed with sedation by the doctor at Federal Way Tattoo Removal. I've had other tattoos removed at another place but this was a piece of cake! Nice job and nice on my wallet too!”   -Jake R.
       Bellevue, WA

    “Had to get my tattoo off to enlist and DermFx told me about Federal Way Tattoo Removal. They got me in and were very professional! The shop discount was nice too!”   -D'Angelo R.
       Auburn, WA