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About Federal Way Tattoo Removal

The Federal Way Tattoo Removal Facility

Federal Way Tattoo Removal is a premier laser center offering the state of the art laser tattoo removal systems to the demanding client. Located just 20 minutes from Seattle, Bellevue and a stones throw from Auburn, Puyallup and Tacoma, Federal Way Tattoo Removal serves the local tattoo shops in the Puget Sound.

The the science of laser tattoo removal and lightening is evolving. New technology in the cosmetic industry calls for advanced laser tattoo removal  systems to provide outstanding results on the most professional tattoos. Selecting the right wavelength for the right tattoo is crucial to get the results you want. Often older systems have old technology. The tattoo removal laser at Federal Way Tattoo Removal is over 100 times faster than systems that you may have experienced. Faster lasers means less discomfort and a more accurate pigment lightening. 

Whether your tattoo shop needs us to lighten an existing tattoo or to simply remove it, we work closely with your shop to get the result you both need to achieve the desired result.

Laser Law in Washington State

Washington State law has recognized the need for advanced laser training with the passing of new legislation making a Master Esthetician License a reality for any esthetician desiring to operate a cosmetic laser. Did you know that a tattoo laser is a medical device?  Lasers must be operated under the guidlines of the Medical Quality Assurrance Commision.  Tattoo removal centers must have a physician on board  evaluating each new treatment. Laser  tattoo operations may be delegated  to either an esthetician, nurse or PA but a physicain needs to at least perform the initial evaluation. Federal Way Tattoo Removal always has a physician on board. Our mission is to provide quality laser treatments always under direct supervision of the physician. We owe it to our clients to properly evaluate and determine the best treatment options with a physician as part of the team.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to provide  to our clients  gold standard laser tattoo removal treatments by self assured and competent medical estheticians on every type of cosmetic laser equipment always under the direct supervision and training of our physicians as required by our state law. At Federal Way Tattoo Removal our friendly staff will make sure you are comfortable with not only your treatment but also with your payment options. We want to make your wish to remove an old tattoo a reality.

Tattoo Shop Partners

Federal Way Tattoo Removal is proud to partner with your local tattoo shop to offer you not only the latest technology in tattoo removal lasers but also VIP service and shop discounts. We communicate with your shop to make sure we provide a specific result for their needs at a price you can afford.


We have been here at our present location in Auburn, WA since 2005. We have a little different take and philosophy about tattoos and the tattoo industry that may seem different to some of you not familiar with us. We want you to feel comfortable and at home when you are here. We value our clients and their artwork.About 98% of what we do here at Derm F/X is custom work. We are the Northwest’s Premier tattoo studio. One look at our world class work, meet our world class artists, and see our world class studio and you will be convinced that we should be you’re new tattoo home…We have the best clients in the world!!!

We are now in a working partnership with Federal Way Tattoo Removal and Dr. Emily Sabbagh to assist in making removal and lightening a viable option for you the tattoo collector, by creating a more workable area for your tattoo artist and you. This is simplified by working directly with the doctor. We hope to work with you soon...

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