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How does the tattoo removal laser work?

The tattoo removal laser works by disrupting the pigment with the laser enegy breaking it up into very small particles. The body then takes over and its immune system goes into action as cells engulf and carry away the fragmented pigment.

How many treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

Usually it can take up to 10 treatments to get a good clearence. The more professional a tattoo, the longer it may take. This is due to the amount of colors used.

How much does it cost to remove a tattoo?

Depending on the size and the quality of the tattoo,the price varies. The friendly staff at Federal Way Tattoo Removal will evaluate the tattoo to give you a better idea of pricing. As always our consultations are free. Just call to schedule an appointment today. 243-941-1144.

How quickly can I get an appointment at Federal Way Tattoo Removal?

We work closely with your tattoo shop so you will have priority. Just let us know which shop sent you and we will fit you in. 

Why is Federal Way Tattoo Removal the best choice?

We are physician run and physician owned for the best client outcomes and safety. We follow the rules of the Medical Quality Assurance Comission and only have qualified professionals operating our lasers and always with a physician on board IN HOUSE! Every client deserves that. Unfortunately that platform does not always exist.

We have the latest high tech tattoo removal lasers for comfort and RESULTS.

Because we are physicians we offer IV sedation for any tattoo if the client desires. There is no need to grin and bear it any more.

Our lasers are FAST FAST FAST! ONE THOUSAND TIMES FASTER than the older model lasers. This translates into more comfortable and faster treatments with the best results. 

Our lasers have multiple wavelengths for multiple colors..Blacks, greens, reds and sky blue are fair game for our lasers.

We are partnered with many local tattoo shops offering special pricing and VIP availability.